Check your whole body for cancer.

13% of people found cancer early with Ezra’s Full Body MRI.

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Thousands of Californians have taken control of their health using the Ezra Cancer Risk Calculator.

80 to 90% of Cancers are successfully treatable when caught early.

The Ezra Whole Body MRI uses cutting-edge screening technology and AI to give you control of your health and future.

Don't wait until it's too late. Schedule your Whole Body MRI screening today and take the first step toward proactive cancer screening.

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    Your clinic is located in Irvine.

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    You will not have any intravenous (IV) contrast injected into your body.

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    Quick and affordable

    Our scans take 50 minutes or less to complete and are competitively priced.

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    No radiation exposure

    Our MRI machines are run and operated without ionizing radiation.

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    Easily access data

    Your data, accessible to you in seconds.

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    Your information is fully confidential and won’t be shared with anyone without your consent.

To know is to thrive. Vivianne, 42, Beverly Hills, CA tells her Ezra story.
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"In February, I scheduled a full-body scan with Ezra after a close friend was diagnosed with cancer. I had no reason for concern, it was just a screening, so I was very surprised to find that my scan turned up an alarmingly large brain tumor. I've since undergone surgery, which fortunately went well, and the pathology results were favorable. My doctors told me that had I not gotten that scan, it could have easily been 5 to 10 years before the tumor had been discovered at the onset of symptoms. In all likelihood, my scan bought me years of additional quality of life, and for that my family and I will always be profoundly grateful."

Ezra is just a stone's throw away in Beverly Hills.

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