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Our Full Body MRI scan helps screen for polycystic ovaries, early cancer and other diseases.

Our scan is designed to help detect
polycystic ovaries.

2 minutes to book-icon

2 minutes to book

Schedule your scan online at any location in our 5 cities at a time that works for you.

5-minute questionnaire-icon

5-minute questionnaire

Fill out a 5-minute form of your medical summary.

60-minute full body MRI-icon

60-minute full body MRI

Visit our imaging location for your 60-minute MRI that scans 13 organs - from your head to the pelvis.

5-day Ezra Report turnaround-icon

5-day Ezra Report turnaround

Your images are reviewed by two radiologists and an Ezra Medical Provider to create your Ezra Report within 5 business days.

Full Body

$1,450 or $125/month

$1,950 or $180/month

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Organs included
Organs included

Here is a list of organs that are included with the Full Body package:

ThyroidAdrenal Glands

  • 60-minute full-body MRI
  • Images reviewed by 2 radiologists
  • 5-day turnaround of Ezra Report
  • 45-minute follow-up consultation
  • Health and lifestyle recommendations
  • Copy of your images to keep
  • Personal Care Advisor
  • Midyear check-in

What can an Ezra Full Body find?

Our MRI protocol is optimized to help find cancer early while being fast.

13% of people scanned have found possible cancer.

6th generation protocol
Radiologist recommended
High sensitivity
Multiparametric MRI

*Our 60-minute protocol does not constitute diagnostic imaging. It is a look inside the body for abnormalities that may require subsequent follow-up steps.

To know is to thrive. Here are some of our members’ stories.

"So, Ezra saved my life. That's the simple statement. I had surgery Sep 25th and today, Oct 1st, I got the pathology back, and am now cancer-free. I'll go into a regimen of surveillance against recurrence instead of chemotherapy or further treatment. This particular kind of cancer is usually not discovered until late, and so even though it's particularly operable, it's also particularly deadly. But here I am, because my Ezra scan served as my early warning system against problems." — Stock photo was used for member privacy

Daniel 57, New York

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