Understand your risk of cancer for free.

Use the Ezra Cancer Risk Calculator to quickly and easily understand your risk of developing cancer.

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Thousands of Californians have taken control of their health using the Ezra Cancer Risk Calculator.

Answer a few simple questions to build an accurate and confidential picture of your risk of cancer, empowering you to make informed decisions about your future.

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    Uses the latest research

    Our Cancer Risk Calculator is based on the Harvard Cancer Risk Index developed by the Harvard Center for Cancer Prevention.

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    Considers your lifestyle

    Our calculator accounts for multiple lifestyle factors such as age, family history etc.

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    Fully confidential

    Your information is fully confidential and won’t be shared with anyone, including your insurer.

To know is to thrive. Vivianne, 42, Irvine, CA tells her Ezra story.
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"In February, I scheduled a full-body scan with Ezra after a close friend was diagnosed with cancer. I had no reason for concern, it was just a screening, so I was very surprised to find that my scan turned up an alarmingly large brain tumor. I've since undergone surgery, which fortunately went well, and the pathology results were favorable. My doctors told me that had I not gotten that scan, it could have easily been 5 to 10 years before the tumor had been discovered at the onset of symptoms. In all likelihood, my scan bought me years of additional quality of life, and for that my family and I will always be profoundly grateful."

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