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We’ve partnered with Lenox Hill Radiology, one of the best imaging facilities in NYC.

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    We want Ezra to fit with your busy lifestyle.

    That means being close to where you work and live. We’ve partnered with Lenox Hill Radiology, a state-of-the-art medical imaging facility located at 61 East 77th Street on the Upper East Side in Manhattan, and we’re adding more locations in 2019.

    We hand-pick each of our Ezra Imaging Partners to ensure your medical images are of excellent quality, and that your member experience is seamless. Plus, your Ezra Guide will be waiting for you at the imaging facility to guide you through the scanning process.

    Getting screened with Ezra is easy.

    01 Make an appointment.
    02 Fill out our medical questionnaire1.
    03 Schedule a 15-minute onboarding call with the Ezra physician2.
    04 Arrive at our imaging facility at least 10 minutes before your appointment.
    05 Your appointment will last less than an hour.

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