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Edward S. Goldberg, M.D.

Edward S. Goldberg, M.D.

Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology Specialist

Private Concierge Medical Practice

Affiliated with Lenox Hill Hospital

About Edward S. Goldberg, M.D.

In my concierge medical practice, I provide each patient with the time they need to address what may be concerning them – no issue is too complicated or too small. Though I take a modern, holistic approach to healthcare, I provide the comfort and feel of an old-fashioned country doctor.

As a dedicated diagnostician, I leave no stone unturned. This means I will learn about your habits, likes and dislikes, home and work lives, and any other conditions that will help us collaborate on the most effective approach to addressing your health needs. While it’s not always easy to talk frankly about your personal life, many of my patients tell me that they feel comfortable and safe discussing anything that comes to mind and they know that I won’t judge them. I’m proud of that – and it’s just one way that I’m providing my patients with something they cannot find elsewhere in New York or anywhere else.

Using state-of-the-art MRI scanning and Artificial Intelligence, Ezra offers full-body screening for cancer in up to 14 organs. I believe all individuals over 40 should get an Ezra full-body MRI scan.

Edward S. Goldberg, M.D.
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