Amric Health, Upper East Side

110 E 60th St, Lower Level, 
New York, NY 10022
Our most advanced facility yet
From a comfortable private waiting area to state-of-the-art exam rooms, Amric provides a professional and welcoming environment for Ezra members. Unique to Amric, you can enjoy 3T MRI machines with 75cm openings (the widest on the market) with music, lighting and video.
Our MRI scan is designed to help detect cancer early without harmful radiation.
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Get your Ezra Full Body MRI Scan — it takes as little as 30 minutes and screens for potential cancer in up to 13 organs as well as 500 other conditions.
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A bespoke medical report
Your images are reviewed by board certified radiologists and our Clinical Team will deliver your Ezra Report within 5-7 days.

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When you book an Ezra scan, you could be screened and have your results as soon as 2 weeks. We only partner with ACR accredited facilities with the best technologists nationwide - so we can help more people find potential cancer and disease.

Our digital reports are easy to understand and give you real health insights
Ezra Reporter AI converts complex Radiology Reports into lay term translations so you can quickly take steps to improve your health. You can book a call with an Ezra Medical Provider to discuss your report in more detail.
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Our most popular scans

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Full Body Flash

Our fastest scan, AI empowered to screen for potential cancers in the head, neck, abdomen and pelvis in 30 minutes.

Full Body

Our most popular plan, designed to screen for potential cancers in the head, neck, spine, abdomen and pelvis in 60 minutes.

Full Body Plus

Our most advanced plan, designed to screen for potential cancers in the head, neck, abdomen, pelvis, spine and chest.

Our MRI protocol is optimized to help find potential cancer early while being fast.
6% of people scanned have found possible cancer.
6th generation protocol
Our MRI protocol combines 40 different series scanning most major organs.
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Radiologist reviewed
We've run over 400 test scans that have been reviewed by 5 radiologists and a data science team for standard of care.
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High sensitivity
The sensitivity of an MRI makes it possible to catch possible cancer smaller than 2mm.
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Multiparametric MRI
We use multiparametric MRI to increase specificity and minimize false positives of cancer findings.*
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*Our MRI protocol does not constitute diagnostic imaging. It is a look inside the body for abnormalities that may require subsequent follow-up steps.