We have helped 6% of our members identify potential cancer early.

Our advocates say it better than us, hear their stories below.

Sam Hires, 72.

Sam's Ezra scan found Stage 3 kidney cancer - but luckily he found it in time. Thanks to his proactive approach to health Sam will continue living a happy and active life.  

Mike Mettler, 45.

As a father with a family history of cancer, Mike has made it his mission to take control of his health. Mike's Ezra scan found cancer in his kidneys before it was a problem.

Holly Hollings, 71.

Holly is a two-time cancer survivor and knows the power of early detection well. With the help of Ezra, she's now able to say "cancer" and "lucky" in the same sentence.

Andrew Bloom, 54.

After Andrew's wife Amy sadly passed away in 2022, he's become a voice for regular screening and early detection. Hear about how screening added years onto Amy's life.
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Ezra members spreading the word

Iman Hasan on proactive MRI scanning

Iman's inspiring story reminds us how important early cancer detection is, thank you for sharing your's and your family's story Iman!

Dr Morgan Cutlip tells her Ezra story

Dr Cutlip shares her family and personal history and why this encouraged her to get an Ezra scan

Dr Joel Kahn's Ezra experience and reasoning

Dr Kahn shares his reasoning for getting a full body scan, as well as why you should do it. Thanks for sharing Joel.

Kavita shares her scan experience and what she did to combat her claustrophobia - thanks for your bravery Kavita!

Chelsea Haines Ezra experience

Ezra member Chelsea walks us through her scan experience in Miami and gives her advice on scanning. Thanks Chelsea!

Kelly shares her Ezra experience, her results and why she chose Ezra. We appreciate you Kelly.

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