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Watch the video to hear how Ezra member Sam Hires found cancer through our Full Body MRI scan.


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Linda, Westchester

"I recently went for a scan and I was very happy. It's very comprehensive and you meet with the care team afterwards who goes over the results with you. I really feel strongly that people should stay ahead of any health issues"

Yanni, Boston

"I've had a rare non-cancerous mass that was removed six years ago that was only discovered by an MRI scan done at my insistence. Ever since then, I very much have had this approach. I want to take control of my health and know what's happening inside my body."

Jo-An, New York City

"I find that generally the healthcare industry is more reactive than proactive so I wanted to get a baseline and was excited to get insights into my general health. The Ezra scan gave me everything I was looking for"

Chris, New York

"I had a previous cancer diagnosis that I like to get checked up every year. The reason why I chose Ezra to do this is even after insurance for me to go do a full body MRI, Ezra is substantially cheaper and offers a much better experience."

Ezra Advocates spreading the word

Kelly LeVeque shares her Ezra experience

Ezra member and founder of Be Well by Kelly, Kelly LeVeque, shares why she got an Ezra scan. Thanks for sharing Kelly!

HunterSeven share their MRI scan results

HunterSeven supports veterans with their health care needs so Ezra has partnered with them to help financially. Check out their post with scan results!

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Want to better understand how Ezra works? Here's your chance to ask Dr. Carol DerSarkissian, our Medical Director, and Kevin Cuartas, our Head of Customer Success, questions about the Ezra products and screening process.

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Ask Dr. Carol & Kevin anything (about MRI scans).

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