Introducing the Ezra Cancer Risk Calculator

From day one, Ezra’s mission has been to detect cancer early for everyone in the world. Since then, we have enabled hundreds of members to get a look inside their bodies for early signs of disease and cancer through the Ezra Scan.

But detecting cancer early should start with understanding your risk. And your cancer risk is influenced by more than just your genes, with nutritional, environmental, and lifestyle factors being the primary drivers.

Today, we are excited to introduce the Ezra Cancer Risk Calculator. It’s the world’s most comprehensive cancer risk calculator – in just 5 minutes, it will help you understand your risk for cancer across most vital organs.

With deep-seated knowledge and review of medical and scientific literature, our medical and data science teams implemented this online cancer risk calculator for you to predict your personal cancer risk. The calculator is based on the “Harvard Cancer Risk Index”, an evidence-based and evidence-validated tool. It incorporates genetic, environmental, nutritional, lifestyle factors, medical history and family history to predict individual cancer risks (10 cancers for men and 13 for women).

This easy-to-use cancer risk calculator can be accessed here. It only takes 5 minutes, and you can save your results by creating a free My Ezra account.

In health,

Michael Chen, MD
Ezra Medical Director

Helen Xu, PhD
Director of Data Science