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Liver Cyst Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

The underlying cause behind liver cysts is often unknown; sometimes they’re present at birth or form later in life. Generally, they grow insidiously and aren’t detected until one reaches adulthood. The condition is often asymptomatic, though, if they grow large, they can lead to pain and bloating in the upper right section of the abdomen. In rare cases, liver cysts can even become big enough to be felt through your abdomen. Liver cysts don’t usually cause complications, though they can sometimes lead to liver failure or even cancer. 

Traditionally, liver cysts don’t have to be treated. If they grow to be too large and painful, however, they may have to be drained or even removed via surgery. They could also obstruct the bile duct, preventing it from reaching the intestine and interfering with digestion; if this occurs, you’ll have to have the cyst surgically removed as well.

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