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Liver Cyst Management

Cysts are usually characterized by being fluid-filled, thin-walled structures. When they develop in the liver, they usually appear alone, though they sometimes manifest in groups. While the underlying cause of liver cysts is usually unknown, they’re sometimes present from birth.

About 5% of the population has cysts in their livers; of that number, only about 5% develop symptoms. It is these individuals who should be treated for the condition. The Cleveland Clinic says that liver cysts cannot be treated just by draining them using a needle, because the cyst will simply become refilled over the next several days. Instead, the most efficient treatment route is to use a laparascope to remove a large chunk of the cyst’s wall. The procedure only needs between 2 and 3 small incisions, as well as an overnight stay at the hospital.

The Ezra abdominal, torso, and full-body scans may pick up liver cysts. If you’re interested in learning about our screening options and pricing plans, you may do so here.