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The new way to screen for prostate cancer.

Ezra’s FDA-cleared Prostate Artificial Intelligence technology (Plexo) makes radiologists' workflows more efficient when interpreting Prostate MRI scans.

What our AI does
Accurate prostate volume measurements*.

*Measuring the actual 3D segmentation volume instead of an ellipsoid approximation.

Semi-automatic lesion segmentation.
Slice-by-slice segmentation and 3D volume creation.
Ezra AI Technology

Powered by Plexo — our full-featured, cloud-based, FDA-cleared PACS

The Ezra Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS) is tightly integrated with the Ezra Prostate AI. It's packed with features and accessible from your browser.

Prostate Lesion 3D
Lesion segmentation & 3D volume rendering
Automatic prostate segmentation & volume measurement

Embraced by expert radiologists

Oguz Akin, M.D.

Professor of Radiology Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

“Artificial Intelligence will, without a doubt, revolutionize radiology. Ezra’s Prostate AI can help radiologists become faster, more consistent, and, in the future, exponentially increase accuracy.”

Lawrence Tanenbaum, M.D., FACR

Vice president and CTO, Director of MRI, CT and Advanced Imaging, RadNet

“Ezra is at the forefront of MRI-based cancer screening, and the company’s 510k FDA clearance for its Prostate interpretation AI is further validation of its innovation capabilities.”

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