Why get an annual Ezra scan?

Like your yearly physical or blood tests, Ezra scans are
designed to be part of a proactive health regime. Find out how this approach could prevent cancer.
Monitor potential cancer and reduce false positives
Sometimes an issue doesn’t warrant a follow up, but needs 
monitoring. Our 30 minute scan is the perfect way to track your body’s changes over time, building a detailed map of your internal landscape
 - in a faster and more affordable way.
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Backed by science

Our medical and radiology experts know that the value of Full Body MRI scanning is not just about detecting potential cancer from your first scan, it’s about monitoring changes in your body over time. See more about what our chief scientist Dan Sodickson says about yearly scanning here:

What doctors say on yearly scanning

"Scanning every year helps catch subtle changes that may be the early signs of cancer. This means treating cancer in the early stages and significantly improving outcomes. This proactive and informed approach is the future of healthcare."

Dr Carol DerSarkissian


We find potential cancer in 6% of our members

Early detection has an 80% survival rate, compared to less than 20% for late-stage cancer.

Our most affordable plans

3-Year Plan

Our most affordable plan, designed to give you peace of mind by taking control of your health. Ezra will create a personalized health plan for you, based around giving you our most comprehensive products.



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5-Year Plan

Our long-term plan, designed to give you peace of mind at the best possible value. Similar to the 3-year plan, Ezra will create a personalized health plan with access to our most comprehensive products.



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Mark gets peace of mind with his yearly scan

Mark Lieto, 61. City, State.
After 2 rounds of cancer, Mark has had 3 Ezra scans:
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