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A look inside
your body.

The best way to beat cancer is to detect it early. Ezra offers MRI-based cancer screening that is fast, accurate, and affordable.

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Cancer screening is important.
Here's why.

One in three people will get cancer during their lifetime. The scariest part? Over half of these individuals will be detected late. And it gets worse — only twenty percent of those with late-stage cancer survive for longer than 5 years. Early cancer detection can save your life.

A full-body cancer
screening like no other.

Ezra’s full-body MRI protocol detects up to 13 cancers in women, 11 in men. It’s fast, accurate, and safe. Best of all, it gives you the peace of mind that comes with proactively looking after your health.

A plan for everyone.

To make Ezra as affordable as possible, we’ve created 4 different plans — pelvic, abdominal, torso, and full-body. We offer monthly payment options, too. Because everyone should benefit from the latest in cancer screening solutions.

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Powered by MRI & Artificial Intelligence

Ezra uses proprietary MRI scanning protocols that are analyzed by expert radiologists to help screen for cancer. Our MRI scans are FDA-approved.

We’re also building Artificial Intelligence technology, the Ezra AI, designed to assist radiologists in their analysis — as well as increase their accuracy and productivity. Once the Ezra AI is fully developed, we’ll work with the FDA to obtain clearance and make the Ezra AI available to radiologists everywhere.

Our aim is simple: To develop the next generation cancer screening technology.

Our Medical Advisors

Leading physicians and scientists all over the world are helping build the Ezra service.
Azra Raza, M.D.

Azra Raza, M.D.

Professor of Medicine and Director of the MDS Center

Columbia University Medical Center

Siddhartha Mukherjee, M.D., D.Phil.

Siddhartha Mukherjee, M.D., D.Phil.

Assistant Professor of Medicine

Columbia University Medical Center

Oguz Akin, M.D.

Oguz Akin, M.D.

Director of Body MRI

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Joseph P. Alukal, M.D.

Joseph P. Alukal, M.D.

Associate Professor, Department of Urology
Director, Men’s Health

Columbia University Medical Center

Lawrence N. Tanenbaum, M.D., FACR

Lawrence N. Tanenbaum, M.D., FACR

CTO and Medical Director Eastern Operations


Paul Grewal, M.D.

Paul Grewal, M.D.

Ezra Physician

MyMD Medical Group

Member Stories

“When you get to Ezra, it is immediately clear that you are being cared for, from the minute you enter the facility to the end of the service. They laid a supportive groundwork for me and I knew that even if something was found, I had nothing to be afraid of.” — Wilfrid F.

“The great thing about Ezra is that it was fast, painless, and gave me peace of mind.”

— Sandro A.

“Getting scanned through Ezra was a fantastic experience, I was able to get a quick appointment and was treated to helpful service. I want to thank everybody at Ezra who was involved in getting my MRI examination done.” — Gerhard S.