Prostate Cancer Awareness Month Prostate Cancer Awareness Month: Get $500 off a Full Body or Full Body Plus if you book before September 30th.

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We found cancer’s greatest weakness—early detection.

Our annual scan catches potential cancer earlier, making it easier to beat.


In just one hour, get a snapshot of up to 13 organs - from your head to the pelvis.

The Ezra Full Body looks for warning signs of potential cancer and disease in most major organs.

The Ezra Scan
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Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver

Fatty liver can lead to cirrhosis and liver cancer down the road. With just a few dietary changes, we can help you reverse it.


Early cancer detection has an 80% survival rate, compared to less than 20% for late-stage cancer.

*Statistics from the
American Cancer Society

Our scan is designed to

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Book your scan

Schedule your scan online, fill out the Ezra medical questionnaire, and you’re ready to go.

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Get your Full Body Scan

In just one hour, get a snapshot of up to 13 organs - from your head to the pelvis. It’s fast, accurate, and free from harmful radiation.

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Walk through your results

Your Ezra Medical Provider will talk you through actionable, easy-to-interpret findings.

Know your risk

Understand your risk for cancer with our 5 minute quiz.

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Flexible payment plans are available for all of our scans.

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To know is to thrive. Here are some of our members’ stories.

"So, Ezra saved my life. That's the simple statement. I had surgery Sep 25th and today, Oct 1st, I got the pathology back, and am now cancer-free. I'll go into a regimen of surveillance against recurrence instead of chemotherapy or further treatment. This particular kind of cancer is usually not discovered until late, and so even though it's particularly operable, it's also particularly deadly. But here I am, because my Ezra scan served as my early warning system against problems." — Stock photo was used for member privacy

Daniel 57, New York

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