Oguz Akin, M.D.

Oguz Akin, M.D.

Professor of Radiology

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center



Oguz Akin is a radiologist with a subspecialty in imaging for cancer. He has practiced radiology for more than 15 years and joined MSK in 2002. As Director of Body MRI, he is particularly interested in using imaging to provide timely and accurate information for diagnosis, staging, treatment planning, and seeing how a therapy is working. He oversees MRI procedures with the ultimate goal of providing the best cancer care. Dr. Akin also works closely with colleagues from many departments on the Genitourinary Cancer Disease Management Team to care for people with genitourinary cancer.1

Oguz Akin is an investigator on multiple clinical trials. His research focuses on MRI in cancer imaging with a special interest in genitourinary cancers. With his colleagues, he has published research studies on the appropriate use of imaging for people with cancer. He plans to further investigate the best uses of novel imaging techniques that provide both anatomical and functional information about tumors. This information could be especially useful for new cancer therapies.2

Dr. Akin is very involved in medical education through training and mentoring other doctors, both in their work with patients and in their research. He has published several books, book chapters, and scholarly articles in his areas of expertise.3

Areas of expertise

  • CT and MRI
  • Body Imaging
  • Prostate and Gynecologic Imaging

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