March 20, 2023
March 20, 2023

2021 Year in Review

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2021 Year in Review

2021 was quite the year for us at ezra. We’re proud of the progress our team has made towards our mission of detecting cancer early for everyone, and thankful for each of our valued ezra members.

Looking back at 2021, we wanted to take a few moments and acknowledge how much we have accomplished.


We grew 400 percent in 2021. We crossed 1,000 members in H1 2021, and we’ve since crossed 2,000 members. We’ve seen an increasing awareness in preventative care amidst the global pandemic. Our members are our biggest champions, with member referrals comprising a third of our business in 2021.

graph showing member bookings by quarter in 2021 for ezra

Our pace is accelerating and we project that our business will grow 500 percent in 2022. We expect to add almost 1,000 new members in Q1-2022 alone.


We launched our fourth city, Miami, the first new city since the pandemic started. Ezra is now available in 15 partner imaging facilities across New York, San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, and Miami.

image showing expansion that happened in 2021 for ezra

In 2021, 29 percent of our ezra members traveled from 34 states to get an Ezra Scan, including Hawaii and Puerto Rico. In line with our mission to make cancer screening more accessible, we plan to expand our footprint significantly in 2022. Register here to stay tuned.

image showing out of state members in 2021 for ezra

Returning Members

Given the amount of returning members at ezra this year, we introduced our three and five-year plans, offering members up to 40 percent off their ezra Scans.

We recommend our members get an ezra Full Body every 12 months to monitor for signs of new disease and cancer (eg. prostate and gallbladder cancers) that may not have been present or too small to be detected in previous scans, as well as to monitor for overall health.

We have had repeat ezra members find possible cancer in their subsequent annual ezra scans, and they were grateful they kept ezra in their annual health routine.

image showing percentage of returning members by age group at ezra

Member Findings

Of our first 1,000 members, 13 percent have found potential cancer through Ezra, and 70 percent have found non-cancerous but clinically-actionable findings.

Below is a graph illustrating our member findings by E-SCORE, which is Ezra’s internally-built rating system to denote the significance level of a member’s findings.

The E-SCORE numbers are determined by our medical team together with our partner radiologists and this system was based on published literature in radiology. We plan to publish more data about our E-SCORE system later this year – watch this space!

graph illustrating member findings by E-SCORE for ezra in 2021

E-SCOREs of 4 or 5, which represent urgent and emergent findings that require attentive follow-up, represented 8 percent of our members in 2021.

Aside from possible cancer, 2021 member scan findings included signs of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, endometriosis, disk herniations, potential gallstones, fibroids, and more.

Ezra Experience

We launched the 6th generation of our ezra Full Body MRI protocol, designed to screen for potential cancer early while increasing the speed of our ezra Full Body by 38 percent.

We relaunched our Member dashboard (My ezra) in order to improve the ezra Member experience. Members took notice with a reported NPS score of 80.

We also announced our newest AI, ezra Reporter, that automates the conversion of radiology reports into lay term ezra reports. This will decrease our report turnaround time from 7 days to 3 days in 2022.

image showing statistics of ezra's member dashboard in 2021

The Team

We almost doubled the size of our team, going from 33 people at the beginning of this year, to 51 incredible team members.

We’re proud of our team’s diversity and shared values, one of which is creating the company we all want to work for. Join us.

graphs showing how the ezra team grew in 2021

By all measures, we had a fantastic year at ezra.

Our goal is to make ezra the fastest, most accurate, and most affordable way to get screened for potential cancer everywhere in the body, and there’s a lot more work to do.

We’re incredibly excited about all the things we’re launching in 2022, and about all the ways in which we will bring more value and health to our members.

Thank you for your continued support in our mission of detecting cancer early for everyone.

In Health,

The ezra Team