April 3, 2023
April 3, 2023

What To Expect During Your Ezra Screening

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What To Expect During Your Ezra Screening

In this article, we will outline what you can expect to happen during your Ezra screening.

If you haven’t read it yet, learn about what to expect before your Ezra screening.

When Should You Arrive at the Imaging Center?

Please arrive at the imaging center 30 minutes prior to your screening appointment to allow you to review and sign your pre-completed paperwork, speak to the radiology technician, change your clothes, and be on the MRI table at the time of your scheduled appointment.

If you are more than 15 minutes late to your screening the imaging center may cancel your appointment.

What Happens When You Arrive at the Imaging Center?

Our radiology partner facilities are staffed with dedicated radiology technicians who are specifically trained to perform the Ezra Scan protocols.

When you get to the imaging center, let the front desk staff know that you are there for your Ezra Scan and they will take great care of you. Your paperwork will be pre-completed and all you will need to do is sign.

Next, the radiology technician will guide you to the area where you will complete your scan. You will be given a gown and a locker to put all of your personal belongings in.


If you are having an MRI or an LDCT or Low-Dose CT scan, remember to place all metal objects in the locker as the MRI is a giant magnet.

What Should You Wear During Your Screening?

If you prefer to wear your own clothes, you can wear a loose-fitting 100% cotton shirt and cotton sweatpants with no metallic components to them. If there is any question of whether metal exists in your clothing, you will be asked to change into the gown provided. Sports bras are only acceptable if there are no metallic adjustable straps, clips or underwire.

What Can You Expect When You’re in the MRI Machine?


The MRI machine is noisy and sounds like a very loud dial-up modem. You will be given earplugs to help minimize the noise.

Some machines allow for the use of headphones. If yours does, the technician will provide those to you and will set up music for you to listen to (you can select anything on Spotify). Eye masks are also available at most locations upon request.


MRI coils are used to help generate high-quality images. Like protective football gear, one is placed loosely around your head, and two more are placed on your upper and lower abdomen.


An automated voice will ask you to take a deep breath and hold it during portions of the scan to prevent movement that could blur the images. After 15 to 20 seconds, it will tell you to breathe normally. If you’re unable to hold your breath for the entire time, it is helpful if you exhale and inhale very slowly. You can notify your technician if the prompt is moving too quickly or too slowly, and they will adjust it for you.


The length of time in the machine and the magnets that are used can cause you to feel warm during the scan. Since you are trying to lay as still as possible, you may experience muscle twitching – this is normal. You will be given a button, which you can press at any time to notify your technician if you feel discomfort.

How Long is the Ezra Full Body Screening?

The Ezra Full-Body MRI screening should take roughly 1 hour. The Ezra Full Body Plus (MRI with a low-dose chest CT) takes about 1.5 hours.

These times are estimates and the screening may take longer due to extraneous factors (e.g. height, weight, and movement). We advise planning to be at the facility an extra 30 to 40 minutes if your schedule is tight.

If you would like to have a countdown during your screening, please notify your radiology technician prior to starting your scan (e.g. “Tell me every 15 to 20 minutes that that amount of time has passed” or “Tell me when I only have 20 minutes left.”)

What To Expect at the End of Your Appointment

Once the screening is finished, the radiology tech will instruct you to return to the changing room to change back into your clothes.

You will likely be asked to check out at the reception desk. Ezra’s process is digitized, so you will receive the results of your screening electronically within 5 to 7 business days.

Once you’ve checked out of the facility, you will be able to return fully to your normal daily activities.


If you need to cancel or change your screening appointment, please do so on My Ezra or notify our team 72 hours in advance. You can email the team at hello@ezra.com or contact your Care Advisor.

If you do not show up to your appointment without notifying Ezra, you will be charged the full amount. You will still be able to reschedule the appointment.

A Quick List For Your Appointment Experience:

  1. Arrive at the facility at least 30 minutes prior to the start of your appointment.
  2. Check in and sign your pre-prepared paperwork. The facility will also check your ID.
  3. Remove all metallic objects from your person and change into comfortable clothes.
  4. If you’d like to listen to music or hear a countdown of your screening, let the MRI technician know.
  5. Remember that you will be provided with a call button to alert your technician if anything feels uncomfortable during your scan.
  6. At the end of your appointment, follow the technician’s instructions to check out of the facility.

Book your Ezra screening now. If you think an Ezra screening might be more appropriate for a friend or family member, consider gifting them a screening.