February 4, 2023
February 3, 2023

Ezra CEO & Co-founder Emi Gal Presents at 2019 MedCity CONVERGE Conference

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Ezra CEO & Co-founder Emi Gal Presents at 2019 MedCity CONVERGE Conference

The MedCity CONVERGE conference is an annual, one-day summit that brings together diverse healthcare leaders to discuss the future of oncology innovation. The only of its kind, the summit brings together major oncology stakeholders and startups. This year’s conference will be held at the new University City Science Center in Philadelphia, PA, and will highlight Big Data, Precision Medicine, and Artificial Intelligence’s role in changing the world of cancer forever. And ezra’s CEO and Co-founder, Emi Gal, is lucky enough to be giving a presentation.

Emi will be speaking within the conference’s “Davids vs the Cancer Goliath Part 1” subcategory. For his presentation, Emi will talk about the genesis of ezra, our in-development Prostate Artificial Intelligence, and how far our company has come since we began our prostate scanning protocol just last January.

He’ll also talk about our new full-body MRI protocol that launched in late May, as well as offer these exciting stats on our first prostate MRI 100 patients:

  • 31 unnecessary biopsies have been avoided
  • 13 cases of localized prostate cancer have been found (in other words, we caught it early)
  • 5 cases of metastatic prostate cancer have been found
  • 5 patients were found to have acute incidental medical conditions

Ezra has come a long way in a short time, and we’re happy to share our progress with the folks at CONVERGE 2019. And we can’t wait to check out the conference’s other exciting presentations.