March 20, 2023
March 20, 2023

Ezra 5-Star Review in Cleo Abram’s “HUGE If True”: A Look at “The Hidden ‘Cure’ For Cancer”

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Ezra 5-Star Review in Cleo Abram’s “HUGE If True”: A Look at “The Hidden ‘Cure’ For Cancer”

Documentary journalist Cleo Abram has just released her latest video in her “HUGE If True” series, and it’s getting fantastic feedback and reviews.

In this short documentary, Cleo explores the topic of cancer, from its history to the latest US statistics and the current approach to addressing the Cancer challenge. She interviews Greg Simon, former president of the Biden Cancer Initiative, Dr. Dan Sodickson of NYU Stern, the inventor of parallel imaging in MRI and an Ezra scientific advisor, and our very own Ezra Founder & CEO Emi Gal.

We are particularly proud that Cleo chose to trial our service. In the film, she recounts her experience getting an Ezra scan and the science and technology behind Ezra. Most importantly, she pulls apart the WHY of early detection.

It’s not an easy subject to make simple and she covers all the tough questions in detail.

Please share to friends and family. For us, it’s got to be one of the best reviews of the concepts behind proactively screening for cancer.

Who is Cleo Abram?

For those who may not be familiar with Cleo Abram, she is an Emmy-nominated video producer and journalist. She wrote the “Coding and Diamonds” episodes of Vox’s Netflix show, Explained, was the host of Vox’s first ever daily show, Answered, as well as a host and producer of Vox’s YouTube Originals show, Glad You Asked.

She now produces her own series, Huge If True. Each episode takes one big tech innovation or idea, explains how it works, and helps people imagine how it could improve the world we live in.

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The Ezra Experience

In the video, Cleo takes her followers through the process of getting an Ezra full-body scan at one of Ezra’s radiology partners, the RadNet facility at Park Avenue in New York.

The segment takes the viewer through Cleo’s experience as she arrives, checks into the facility, and prepares for the screening in Ezra’s complimentary PJs. She then shares her thoughts on the screening experience, including the follow-up consultation with Ezra’s medical team.

Cleo’s interviews with Dr. Sodickson, Greg Simon, and Emi Gal provide a greater context behind the importance of screenings like Ezra’s Full-Body scan, designed to screen and detect potential cancer early.

The Ezra Mission

We hope Cleo’s simple and clever video will help raise awareness about the importance of early cancer detection and the benefits of the Ezra scan, and we look forward to seeing its impact on the whole cancer screening landscape.

Ezra’s full-body MRI scan is one of the simple but important in-depth steps you can take to understand your body better and take control of your health.

Please share the video & book your 2023 Ezra full-body MRI scan today.

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