February 9, 2023
February 9, 2023

Finding Peace of Mind With the ezra Full Body Scan

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Finding Peace of Mind With the ezra Full Body Scan

Early detection is critical for cancer survival, as Michael, age 57, knows from firsthand experience.

“My mother and my wife both died of cancer, and they died of cancer because it was detected incredibly late and could have been prevented, had it been detected earlier,” he says. “That, needless to say, was massively frustrating and devastating. I don’t want to follow that same path.”

As a former smoker with a family history of cancer, Michael had specific risk factors that made him more vulnerable to cancer. He realized that he had to take control of his own health and find out, as soon as possible, if there were any emerging concerns. Through a longtime friend, Michael learned of ezra’s advanced imaging protocol, and chose to get the ezra Full Body scan in 2019.

Michael received a second scan in July 2020.

“This was a very polished and well-run experience,” Michael says.

He appreciated that the medical provider genuinely cared about his experience, in addition to making sure the data was correct.

“The key benefit would be peace of mind, and the sense that I’m taking care of myself,” Michael says. “I didn’t have anything that needed that much attention. I have two areas worth investigating further. One, serendipitously, was investigated through something completely unrelated, where I ended up having a CT scan and that cleared up what was a possible anomaly. If I hadn’t had that happen, there might have been some concern.”

There are also benefits to repeating the ezra Full Body scan. “Testing is only as good as the most recent test,” Michael says. “My body’s going to change year-over-year.”

Scheduling a regular ezra scan seems reasonable, he says, though Michael says he will also take into account his previous scans, his doctor’s advice, what his ezra Medical Provider recommends, and what other testing procedures, such as colonoscopy, he may also receive. “The sooner you find a problem, the better,” he adds.

“What ezra is doing is providing a non-invasive way for early detection of cancer and potentially other problems,” Michael adds. “That is so valuable. And one hour in an MRI is uncomfortable, but for the data you get back, without having to do any kind of invasive intervention, or more destructive intervention, is absolutely huge.

“I still think this is the coolest thing, and really going to be a game-changer. It really will bring benefit and preserve quality of life and lengthen life for people.”

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