March 16, 2023
March 16, 2023

Hello, Golden State

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Hello, Golden State

Today, I am incredibly excited to announce the expansion of our cancer screening programs to California. We are rolling out 8 new screening locations throughout the San Francisco and Los Angeles metro areas, in partnership with RadNet, the largest outpatient imaging network in the United States. Four will be in Los Angeles, two in the San Francisco Bay Area, one in Oakland, and one in San Jose.  

It’s been a very busy year at ezra. We went live with our prostate cancer screening program in January, introduced our full-body MRI scan in May, and have since expanded to 8 locations across New York and New Jersey. And our service is working: we have helped 11% of our members find cancer, and just over half have identified other actionable findings through their ezra scan; 32% of our male members have avoided an unnecessary prostate biopsy. It has been humbling to observe how big of a problem cancer is in our society, and exhilarating each time we’ve been able to find a serious health condition early for a member.

For those who are learning about ezra for the first time,  we screen for cancer, precursors to cancer, and other potentially life-threatening conditions (e.g. aneurysms) by using state-of-the-art MRI technology. Our proprietary full-body protocol is 60-minutes long and screens for cancer in 13 organs in women, 11 in men. Our single-region scans, such as pelvic or abdominal, take just 20 minutes. The full-body is priced at $1,950 (or $180 / month), and our single-region scan costs just $675 (or $60 / month).

Our mission at ezra is to detect cancer early for everyone in the world.

A step towards achieving this mission is making ezra as easily accessible as possible. We now have 16 locations across three of the largest metro areas in the US, and I am incredibly excited about what we have in store for next year.

You can sign up for your ezra scan at, and take a proactive step towards better health. Find a location near you here!

Emi Gal

Co-founder & CEO