August 25, 2023
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August 24, 2023

Hello, New Jersey!

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Hello, New Jersey!

We’re excited to announce that Ezra will now be providing our full body MRI screening services at four new locations in New Jersey. In partnership with RadNet and Hackensack Radiology, Ezra is now available in Jersey City, Union, West Caldwell, and Hoboken and will give New Jersey residents convenient access to our cutting-edge preventative health screenings.

These new clinics mark an exciting expansion of our services within the state. At each location, we utilize advanced medical imaging and AI technology to screen for early signs of cancer and 500+ other conditions. Our full body scans provide a proactive approach to detect potential health issues early.

We’re proud to bring our innovative services right into New Jersey neighborhoods. Our integration of AI enhances MRI quality, supports radiologist analysis, and translates findings for patients. This technology allows us to deliver a first class screening experience at these new clinics.

In 2023, the American Cancer Society (ACS) estimates there will be over 56,000 new cases of cancer in the state of New Jersey and 15,000 deaths1. Deaths that could have potentially been avoided through early detection.

Cancer has an 80% survival rate when caught early (Stage I or II) and with the launch of these new locations, we move one step closer to our mission of making early detection accessible nationwide. New Jersey residents can now access potentially life-saving screenings right in their own communities.

We aim for the full body MRI to become a routine part of cancer screening and utilize MRI as a proactive tool for early cancer detection. This contrasts with traditional reactive healthcare after symptoms appear.

With the addition of these new locations, Ezra is now available in 19 facilities across five states – New York, California, Florida, Nevada and New Jersey. 

As part of our milestone of 5,000 scans we're rolling out a special promotion for the entire month of September. Any member who books and completes a full body scan during this period will receive a $200 discount. To claim your discount, please book a call with the customer success team.

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If you’re a New Jersey based physician interested in learning more about Ezra or offering Ezra to your patients, check out our physicians page. You can also read some of our testimonials to learn about past member experiences.