February 10, 2023
February 10, 2023

Introducing the ezra Mammogram

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Introducing the ezra Mammogram

Book your Ezra Mammogram

Our mission at ezra is to detect cancer early for everyone.

Over the past two years we have created the industry leading Full Body MRI screening service to screen for cancer in up to 13 organs, have launched our low-dose CT chest screening service for lung cancer and coronary calcium score assessment, as well as our prostate MRI screening (with and without IV contrast).

Today, I’m excited to introduce the ezra Mammogram – the fastest, easiest, most convenient way to book a mammogram.

In the US, only 66.7% of women aged 40 and over have had a mammogram within the past 2 years according to the National Center for Health Statistics1.

Furthermore, a recent study conducted by investigators from the NCI-sponsored collaborative network Breast Cancer Surveillance Coalition (BCSC) discovered a significant decrease in mammography screening during Covid-19, specifically from March 2020 through May 2020, which could impact early breast cancer detection and breast cancer outcomes2.

Based on a survey done by the ezra team, one of the reasons why more than a third of women eligible for a screening breast mammogram have not gotten one in the past two years is because mammograms are not convenient to book. We are now addressing this problem with the ezra Mammogram.

Ezra’s new ezra Mammogram booking service is available at the company’s partner facilities in New York City. We will be introducing the service at our California locations in the upcoming weeks.

With the addition of the new plan, ezra members now have the ability to choose between the following products:

  • Ezra Full-Body – An MRI-based service that screens for potential cancer and disease in up to 13 organs
  • Ezra LDCT – A Low-dose CT for lung cancer screening
  • Ezra CAC – A Low-dose CT for coronary artery calcium scoring
  • Mammogram for breast cancer screening
  • Prostate MRI without contrast for cancer screening
  • Prostate MRI with IV contrast for investigating elevated PSA or urinary symptoms

Emi Gal
Co-founder & CEO

Editor’s note: As of 2022, the ezra mammogram isn’t available anymore.