February 9, 2023
February 9, 2023

Setting a Baseline of One’s Health With the ezra Full Body Scan

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Setting a Baseline of One’s Health With the ezra Full Body Scan

Even those without exigent health concerns can derive value from understanding their current physical condition.

Tom Heinan, who first heard of ezra from a provider that he worked with at his previous employer, a healthtech company, is certain of this opinion.

“I did ezra’s Full Body scan. As a proponent of health and wellness, I think it’s always useful to have a baseline. In the same way that you would go and do a physical and do a whole blood panel at a new provider to establish what your normal is in terms of your CBC or cholesterol or whatever else, it’s helpful to establish a baseline of what the picture looks like from an internal perspective.

Going forward, if you discover issues in a particular area, you can use your baseline to rule out different time periods and changes and even potential diagnoses based on your internal physiology at a certain point in time,” he explains.

Tom’s use of ezra to proactively engage in his health was precipitated by his own experience working in the healthcare technology space.

After seeing “a lot of patients who were reticent to engage meaningfully in their healthcare until there was a problem that was a lot more difficult, expensive, or time-consuming to address,” he adopted the attitude that a proactive approach is the best way to manage one’s health.

“It’s pretty much a foregone conclusion, at least in primary care, that the better of a relationship you can have with a provider in terms of understanding your health and wellness before you develop problems or symptoms, the better off you’ll be in terms of addressing symptoms before they arise,” he says.

Reflecting on his attitude toward preventative care, Tom cites literature suggesting that being aware of one’s health and wellness and attempting to know your status “is likely to save you time and energy down the line” and lead to better health outcomes.

With this in mind, the ezra Full Body Scan and similar services are both medically and financially beneficial in the long run.

In Tom’s case, his “entirely unremarkable results” contained nothing of clinical significance. “That in and of itself has value as a baseline, so going forward if I repeat this process on some regular basis, I know there weren’t any masses or growths or abnormalities,” he concludes.

The ease of his experience makes Tom likely to consider using ezra’s services again in the future. The “not stressful and not at all time-consuming” process, as well as the benefit of the insights from the hour-long MRI, are worth the time spent to obtain them. He could see himself doing the scan again on a regular basis and using the first scan’s results as a baseline against which to compare new results.

“If I repeat this process on some regular basis, at the very least I know that in mid-march of 2021, there were no masses or growths or abnormalities or physical issues, and as that changes over time, you can then have a diagnostic window to narrow things down. Knowing ‘this mass is present now, and wasn’t present in 2021’ means we’ll have more information that we would have had otherwise.”

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