February 9, 2023
February 9, 2023

To Know Is To Thrive – The ezra Scan Experience From a Member’s Perspective

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To Know Is To Thrive – The ezra Scan Experience From a Member’s Perspective

A few years ago, ezra member John* attended an oncology conference for work. While presenting his company to attendees, he crossed paths with Emi Gal, co-founder, and CEO of ezra. When John learned about ezra’s mission to enable cancer screening through MRI and AI technology, he was intrigued.

“We started talking and I learned about how ezra was taking the ‘preventative full body scan’ to the next level with AI,” John says.

“I was impressed with Emi’s focused and powerful approach to cancer prevention. It has been a lifelong goal of mine to get preventative scans and the ezra mission and simple platform spoke to me, so I followed up on my goal.”

John was one of ezra’s first clients and says the entire journey from his initial appointment through the overview of his results to the creation of his long-term health plan was seamless.

“My experience was great!” he says. “The pricing was reasonable and transparent, the value was clear, and the booking was simple.”

While ezra’s scanning services aren’t available in John’s hometown, he was able to coordinate an appointment in Los Angeles (at one of the company’s 13 sites in or near four major cities — while visiting family.

“The clinic staff was very kind and my appointment started on time, which is important to me,” he says. “My only fear was that I would have to wait at the clinic for my appointment to start and I would miss dinner plans as I was visiting family in LA, but the appointment started right on time!”

John was aware of the preconceived notions and even phobias some of his loved ones had about the screening experience, but he found the ambiance of his ezra Scan (complete with cozy pajamas a Spotify playlist) to be nothing short of luxurious.

“Some friends and family I talked to prior to the scan wished me luck and remarked how they couldn’t stand an hour-long MRI,” he says. “But I’m a lover of music and the scan was like relaxing while listening to an amazing abstract techno album — really cool sounds.”

A few weeks after John’s scan, he met with an ezra clinician to comprehensively go over the results. “I was also able to obtain the raw image files for my medical records so I will have those in the future for scan comparisons,” he says. “Overall, it was a really easy experience.”  

While most people are familiar with the general cancer screening strategies implemented in traditional primary care medicine, John says the value of ezra’s specialized screening shouldn’t be overlooked.

“The focus on prevention is a key aspect,” he says. “I’m all about avoiding unnecessary disease and with cancer — nothing beats early detection. Most often I feel like my primary care visits are just a rigid and impersonal ‘going through the motions,’ but the targeted full body scan is a deep and critical look at my major organs. Plus, I now have a baseline snapshot of my body’s anatomical status.”  

John may not have had any reservations about diving into his ezra experience, but he’s aware of the potential hesitation others might feel about following in his footsteps. To those who aren’t sure whether full-body MRI cancer screening is right for them, he poses a few key questions.

“Why do you wear your seat belt?” he asks. “Why do you brush your teeth? Why do you exercise? That’s right. To prevent injury and disease. The research seems to clearly demonstrate that the best medicine for oncology is prevention with vigilance watching for signs of disease.

An MRI provides a unique look at my body’s vital organs and is the ounce of prevention that will greatly outweigh the need for a pound of cure.”

For those considering creating an account with ezra and starting on the path to discovering more about their health and well-being, John offers some words of encouragement: “Go for it!” he says. “The MRI is a low risk, high-value effort. The cost is low compared to the enormous cost of oncology interventions and it could save your life. What is that worth to you?”

*A pseudonym has been used for member privacy.