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Provide the Ezra Full Body to your employees at a lower cost.

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We deliver high quality cancer screening care to your employees

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Same week appointments and 24/7 dedicated care team.

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Early detection increases productivity.

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Early detection decreases treatment costs.

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Ezra Scans are FSA / HSA eligible.

Ezra for Employers

Get the Ezra Full Body Plus scan for your employees with a dedicated dashboard and Account manager to onboard your business.


$2,000 per sponsored plan

Organs included

  • 60-minute full-body MRI
  • 5-minute low-dose chest CT
  • Coronary Calcium Scoring
  • Prostate Scan with IV Contrast
  • 45-minute follow-up consultation
  • Personal Care Advisor
  • Midyear check-in
  • Access to the Ezra Employer Dashboard (Hub)
  • Ezra Account Manager

Ezra, by the numbers

  • 1,500 members scanned
  • 72% of members had clinically significant findings**
  • 13% of members found potential cancer**
  • 80+ Net Promoter Score
  • Results delivered directly to you
  • More than just cancer screening*

*An Ezra Full Body finds more than potential cancer, including but not limited to, fatty liver, aneurysms, disk herniations, and endometriosis.
**These statistics are based on the first 1,000 Ezra members. Click here for more learnings on our first 1,000 members.

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