“I think being proactive is empowering. I feel like I’m in control of my health”

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Holly, 71, California.

Holly Hollings learned about her early-stage uterus cancer after her Ezra scan showed an abnormal finding. But that is not where her cancer story begins. Holly is a two-time cancer survivor and says, “most people diagnosed with cancer twice can’t say cancer and lucky in the same sentence.”


Holly knows early detection more than most

Fifteen years ago Holly was diagnosed and treated for breast cancer and in May after her Ezra scan she was faced with a uterine cancer diagnosis. Both times she caught the cancer early. True, she is lucky, but it is also a testament to her proactive and positive approach to her health and body.

She says “being proactive is empowering. I feel like I’m in control of my health and that’s important to me.”

Originally from Hawaii, Holly is a wife, mother of two, painter and avid traveler now living in California.  Both Holly and her husband, Jeff are “big believers” of scanning and staying on top of their health. They scheduled  Ezra scans on the same day. Jeff’s scan was normal, but Holly’s scan was not. Holly’s scan showed that the lining of her uterus was abnormally thickened and contained fluid that normally is not there.  As a result, Ezra radiologists recommended a pelvic ultrasound.

Holly followed up with her gynaecologist. After an ultrasound and biopsy she was diagnosed with endometrial cancer of her uterus. Thankfully her cancer was at an early stage and had not spread to any other part of her body. After consulting with her team of doctors she decided to have a total hysterectomy -- removing her uterus and both of her ovaries.

“When I got the results of the scan, I didn't feel afraid or nervous. I felt like, well, this is good. I'm catching this early. And again I didn't need radiation, I didn't need chemotherapy. I had a hysterectomy that took out my uterus and ovaries which went very smoothly.”

Holly knows through personal experience that early diagnosis of cancer means a better chance of survival. It happened fifteen years ago with her breast cancer and it happened again today when her Ezra scan found her uterine cancer early. Both times her proactive approach dramatically increased her chance of survival and more importantly prevented her from having to endure either chemotherapy or radiation. Her choices and actions represent the power of Ezra scan in saving lives.

Today Holly will be around to enjoy traveling with her children and their spouses.  And obviously, she and Jeff have gifted Ezra scans to them so they too can be proactive and lucky. Holly knows the value of the Ezra scan in saving lives.  It saved hers.

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