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The new way to screen for cancer.

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Ezra uses MRI scans analyzed by radiologists to detect cancer early. Because MRIs are non-invasive, safe, and pain-free, you’ll be back at work or play immediately after your scan.

All Ezra MRI scans include:

Pre-Scan Call:

You’ll speak with one of our Ezra Medical Providers on an initial phone consultation to answer any questions you may have about your Ezra Scan.

State-of-the art MRI scan

Your scan will be conducted at one of our state-of-the-art facilities across New York, California, and New Jersey.

Comprehensive report

Within 7 business days of your scan, you’ll receive detailed information about the presence or absence of any abnormalities associated with an increased risk of cancer. Your Ezra Medical Provider will guide you through the results during your Post-Scan Call.

Leading referrals

Should you need further treatment, we’ll refer you to the best specialists in your area. With your consent, we’ll also transfer your medical data to them, so they have everything they need to provide superior care.

Questions? We've got answers.

What is an MRI Scan?

MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Basically, an MRI machine is a giant magnet that uses radio waves to take pictures of your body’s organs and structures. During your MRI scan, you may not wear any jewelry or clothing with metallic components.

Are MRI Scans safe?

Yes, MRI scans are safe and pain-free. Plus, unlike other medical imaging procedures such as CTs (CAT scans) or X-rays, MRI scans don’t expose you to harmful radiation. The FDA’s website provides a comprehensive overview of MRI’s benefits.1

Is Ezra covered by insurance?

We’re working on it. At this time, Ezra is only offered directly to consumers, and is not covered by insurance. We’re currently in talks with health insurers to get the Ezra solution included in health plans.

Why should I sign up for Ezra and not go directly to an MRI imaging facility?

Good question. First, we use proprietary MRI scanning protocols that enable us to do a full-body scan in less than 60 minutes.

Second, because we simplify the screening process. You won’t need to worry about a physician referral — we take care of that for you. We send your personalized report directly to your Ezra dashboard for easy access. Your Ezra Medical Provider will spend up to an hour with you to review your results (compared to an average of 15 minutes in a typical clinical setting).

Last but not least, your Ezra Guide is available to answer any questions you may have — as well as guide you through the clinical pipeline whenever necessary.

How long does a full-body MRI scan take?

The Ezra full-body scan takes less than an hour. You’ll generally be in-and-out of the imaging facility in less than 90 minutes.

Is the Ezra full-body MRI scan done using a contrast agent (e.g. gadolinium)?

No, our MRI cancer screening protocol does not use contrast agents*. Only if our screening scan identifies an abnormality in your body, a follow-up scan with contrast might be recommended by our radiologists.

*Women who decide to add our breast MRI cancer screening add-on to their full-body or torso scans, gadolinium contrast will be used. Recent studies have shown that contrast substantially increases accuracy when trying to detect malignancies in breast tissue.

Why should I get screened for cancer?

Because the best way to beat cancer is to detect it early. On average, 80% of people who are able to diagnose cancer early survive for longer than 5 years, versus only 20% for those who detect cancer at later stages.

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