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How it works

A new way to screen for prostate cancer.

Ezra uses MRI scans analyzed by radiologists to detect cancer early. Because MRIs are non-invasive, safe, and pain-free, you’ll be back at work or play immediately after your scan.

Compare Ezra to the traditional prostate cancer screening approach: a PSA blood test, followed by a prostate biopsy if PSA levels are elevated. Studies have shown that PSA levels are often inaccurate, resulting in overdiagnosis and unnecessary biopsies. Not to mention that prostate biopsies may have side effects such as bleeding, infection, urinary issues, and erectile dysfunction1.

We think you deserve better

Better accuracy, fewer biopsies.

A recent study concluded that if prostate biopsies were directed by MRI findings, up to 18% more cases of clinically significant cancer might be detected compared with the standard pathway of prostate biopsy for all. Furthermore, using MRI to triage men might allow 27% of patients to avoid an unnecessary biopsy, and all the complications that may come with it2.

Getting screened with Ezra is straightforward.

01 — Sign up

Ezra is currently invite-only, but you can request an invite. It only takes ten seconds. Really.

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02 — Get your MRI scan done

Next, you’ll get your prostate MRI scan done quickly, comfortably, and accurately at our location. Appointments take less than an hour, and you’ll only be in the MRI machine for about 30 minutes. Because MRIs are non-invasive, you’ll be ready to do whatever you wish after the scan – have a meeting, hang out with your kids, relax.

We have partnered with Lenox Hill Radiology, one of the best imaging facilities in New York City.

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03 — Your report is ready within 48 hours

Your MRI scan will be reviewed by an expert radiologist, who will generate your report.

Waiting for a cancer screening report can be stressful, so we deliver your results quickly (within 48 hours). Your report (available in your Ezra dashboard) will inform you of the presence or absence of any abnormalities associated with an increased risk of prostate cancer. Results clear? You’re all set until next year. If, however, we detect an issue, we stay with you (as you’ll see in the next step).

04 — Discuss your report with the Ezra physician

If you have any questions about your report or about how the Ezra prostate cancer screening program works, you can schedule an appointment with your Ezra physician at any time.

Should a potential abnormality be identified, our medical team will recommend the best specialists, guide you through the diagnosis and treatment process, and provide helpful resources for you and your family.

05 — We’re with you for the long run

As an Ezra member, you’ll receive an annual prostate MRI scan, so we can track changes in your prostate over time. This helps us spot abnormalities as soon as they happen, which gives you more treatment options, and a higher chance for treatment to be successful. And that’s what we’re all about.

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