“I feel like this is the beginning of the best era of my life”

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Janette, 40. Northern California.

Single mom to two young children, registered nurse Janette has seen the worst-case scenario of finding cancer and disease too late. This prompted her to get a Full Body Ezra scan - and the findings changed her life for the better. Find out how Janette's findings prompted her to lose 26 lbs and treat the cause of her sleep apnea, no longer needing a CPAP machine.

MARCH 2023

Janette's Ezra scan changed her life

Janette,  a 40-year-old nurse, had seen countless ER patients suffer with poorly controlled chronic illnesses and late-stage cancer. Being a divorced mother of two young children, an eight and four-year-old, she worried about her own health and being there for her kids.

After a difficult day at work, Jannette decided to get an Ezra Scan.  She thought about her children and knew she had to take action. “I did it for my kids,” she told herself, booking the appointment. “I need to be around.” 

The results of the Ezra Scan were eye-opening. It revealed severe fatty liver disease, with 40% of her liver affected. Her primary care doctor, initially skeptical about the scan, ordered further tests. Bloodwork showed her hemoglobin A1c level was 7.1, indicating diabetes.

Janette remembered having gestational diabetes during her pregnancies, but she hadn’t been diagnosed with diabetes since. Post-COVID, her health had been more unpredictable, so this news was concerning.  Her doctor prescribed Ozempic to manage her diabetes. Over the next year, Jannette lost 26 pounds, and her HbA1c levels improved to 6.1. 

The Ezra scan also found a 1.8 cm soft tissue mass at the back of her nose. Given her history of sleep apnea, this was worrying.  An ENT specialist confirmed the mass was a polyp that needed to be surgically removed. The surgery was successful, and Janette no longer needed her CPAP machine that used to help her breathe better at night. For the first time in years, Janette could sleep soundly without the aid of a CPAP machine.

The changes didn’t stop there. The Ezra Scan had been a wake-up call, sparking a determination within her to prioritize her health. Janette adopted a healthier lifestyle, incorporating regular exercise into her routine. She committed to four sessions of cardio and weight lifting each week. The transformation was profound.

“I’m probably the healthiest I’ve been in my whole life.”

Janette is a true testament to the impact of taking control of one’s health. Inspired by her experience, Janette recommends the Ezra Scan to her fellow nurses and loved ones, emphasizing the importance of early detection and proactive health management.  She feels grateful and more energetic, ready to be there for her children for many years to come.

“I've told many people about it. Many of my coworkers have booked scans and a lot of people are looking to make this part of their health regimens."

Janette did the Full Body scan

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