February 13, 2023
Ezra Introduces Prostate MRI With IV Contrast
Eligible ezra Members will be offered the ezra Prostate MRI with IV Contrast at the same affordable price as the ezra Screening Prostate MRI

New York, NY (March 18th, 2020) – Ezra, the NY-based startup transforming early cancer screening using MRI, announced today that it has added the ezra Prostate MRI with IV Contrast to its suite of cancer screening exams.

Ezra’s mission is to detect cancer early for everyone, with high sensitivity and specificity. Men who have elevated prostate specific antigen (PSA) levels (greater than or equal to 4.0 ng/mL) and/or urinary symptoms (eg. frequency, hesitancy, dribbling, incontinence) can benefit from receiving a Prostate MRI scan with IV contrast. However, in our current health system, men usually have to undergo a prostate biopsy prior to being able to have their insurance cover a Prostate MRI with IV contrast.

In line with the company’s commitment to make cancer screening affordable, men who qualify for an ezra Prostate MRI with IV contrast will be able to purchase a scan at the same price as the company’s screening Prostate MRI (with no contrast), currently priced at $650 or $65/month over 12 months.

Ezra’s new Prostate MRI Scan with IV Contrast is available at the company’s partner facilities in New York City. The Company will be introducing the scan at its California locations in the upcoming weeks.

Michael Chen, MD, ezra’s Medical Director, said “Countless ezra members have asked for help getting a Prostate MRI with IV Contrast. Even when their own urologists want them to get one, our healthcare system can make it nearly impossible. I’m glad that men now have an easy and price-transparent choice.“

With the addition of the new plan, ezra members now have the ability to choose between the following options:

  • Prostate MRI without contrast for prostate cancer screening
  • Prostate MRI with IV contrast for investigating elevated PSA or urinary symptoms
  • Low-dose CT scan for lung cancer screening
  • Full-Body MRI scan that screens for cancer in up to 13 organs

Ezra has also recently introduced discounted multi-year plans. The company’s 5-year full-body screening plan offers 40% savings, and enables individuals to take control of their health through full-body cancer screening.

About ezra

Ezra is a New York-based healthcare technology company utilizing medical imaging and Artificial Intelligence to provide individuals with full-body cancer screening that is fast, accurate, and affordable.

By advocating for early cancer detection as part of annual health screenings, ezra is on a mission to create a new standard of preventative care, providing people with the necessary knowledge to make decisions about their health. The company’s cancer screening services are available in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

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