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Our Couples Package offers you a comprehensive look inside your bodies, in a cost effective package.

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13% of people found cancer early with Ezra’s Full Body MRI.

80% of Cancers
are successfully treatable
when caught early.

The Ezra Couples Package is two of our full body scans but in a more affordable package for couples. It offers peace of mind, allowing you to stay proactive about your health together.

Don't wait until it's too late for either of you. Book a call with our customer success team today and take the first step toward proactive cancer screening, together. 

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Locations in major cities coast to coast

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Our scans are done without intravenous (IV) contrast.

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Quick and affordable

Our scans are under 50 minutes and competitively priced.

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No radiation exposure

Our MRI machines are run and operated without radiation.

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Easy access to data

Your data is accessible to you in seconds.

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Your information is fully confidential and won’t be shared with anyone.

To know is to thrive. Here are some of our members’ stories.

“My doctors told me that had I not gotten that scan, it could have easily been 5 to 10 years before the tumor had been discovered.

In February, I scheduled a full-body scan with Ezra after a close friend was diagnosed with cancer. I had no reason for concern, it was just a screening, so I was very surprised to find that my scan  turned up an alarmingly large brain tumor. In all likelihood, my scan bought me years of additional quality of life, and for that my family and I will always be profoundly grateful."

Patrick - 36, New York

"An MRI provides a unique look at my body's vital organs and is the ounce of prevention that will greatly outweigh the need for a pound of cure.

“Why do you wear your seat belt?” “Why do you brush your teeth? Why do you exercise? That's right. To prevent injury and disease. The research seems to clearly demonstrate that the best medicine for oncology is prevention with vigilance watching for signs of disease. ” — Stock photo was used for member privacy

John - 39, New York

"I had surgery Sep 25th and today, Oct 1st, I got the pathology back, and am now cancer-free.

So, Ezra saved my life. That's the simple statement. I'll go into a regimen of surveillance against recurrence instead of chemotherapy or further treatment. This particular kind of cancer is usually not discovered until late, and so even though it's particularly operable, it's also particularly deadly. But here I am, because my Ezra scan served as my early warning system against problems." — Stock photo was used for member privacy

Daniel - 57, New York

"You guys saved my life. I ended up having double bypass surgery after your calcium score allowed me to force my cardiologist to order an angiogram.

It showed a 90% and 80% blockage [of heart arteries]. I had Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery right before Covid-19 hit us." — Stock photo was used for member privacy

John - 48, New York

"The Ezra experience was pleasant, from beginning to end.

"My Ezra scan has given me peace of mind. After learning about my findings, I am now aware of things I need to monitor that I was not aware of prior to my scan. Everyone was professional and knowledgeable, including the staff at the facility. Signing up for an Ezra full body scan was the best thing I ever did for myself." — Stock photo was used for member privacy

Patricia - 75, New Jersey

"I found some information that proved to be almost lifesaving so it was definitely worth doing.

"My experience with Ezra was very positive. The whole process was seamless and the representatives were really friendly, patient, and knowledgeable about the whole thing. I definitely plan to go back." — Stock photo was used for member privacy

Russell - 55, New York

“MRIs are a powerful tool in early cancer detection. I hope someday soon everyone will have access to this life-saving diagnostic tool as part of an annual exam.

My experience, from the initial call to the final report, was professional, very informative and the most comprehensive exam I have ever done. The details provided in the Ezra scan can give you peace of mind, and/or identify problems before they manifest themselves - at an early, treatable, stage.” — Stock photo was used for member privacy

Brian - 65, New Jersey

"With a family history of cancer, I learned that my father had no symptoms prior to his cancer diagnosis

My Ezra scan was 100% worth it. Health is very important in life and unless you have symptoms, a doctor will not generally send you for the type of scan that Ezra provides. Ezra handled every step with care, and the discussion of my findings was professional. My scan picked up an issue that I was able to follow up with my doctor on, that I need to continue monitoring. Without Ezra I would not have this peace of mind.” — Stock photo was used for member privacy

Barbara - 61, Texas

"The Ezra organization was very helpful, the staff was very kind for that I am grateful.

Additionally, the facility was very virtuous. Everyone there made me feel very comfortable I will be referring Ezra to all my friends family!" — Stock photo was used for member privacy

Asia - 43, New Jersey

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