May 9, 2023
Introducing the Ezra Mammogram

New York, NY (May 18th, 2021) – Ezra, the NYC-based startup transforming early cancer detection through its MRI-based screening service, announced today that it has added the ability to book insurance-covered mammogram to its suite of products.

In the US, only 66.7% of women aged 40 and over have had a mammogram within the past 2 years according to the National Center for Health Statistics.

Furthermore, a recent study conducted by investigators from the NCI-sponsored collaborative network Breast Cancer Surveillance Coalition (BCSC) discovered a significant decrease in mammography screening during Covid-19, specifically from March 2020 through May 2020, which could impact early breast cancer detection and breast cancer outcomes.

Based on a survey done by ezra, one of the reasons why more than a third of women eligible for a screening breast mammogram have not gotten one in the past two years is because mammograms are not convenient to book.

Ezra is addressing this problem by launching the fastest, easiest way to book a screening mammogram.

“Unfortunately our current healthcare system is still often archaic even for the simplest of tasks: booking a screening exam.

To book a mammogram, women have to find a medical imaging center, call the center – often spending 10+ minutes on hold, hope to find an available slot on the phone, and book their appointment over the phone.

With ezra, booking a mammogram is now as easy as ordering an Uber: visit, choose a facility, select a time for your mammogram, and done”, said Mr. Emi Gal, co-founder & CEO of ezra.

Ezra’s mission is to screen for early cancer for everyone.

The company has created the most advanced full-body MRI screening service to screen for potential cancer in up to 13 organs, and is developing Artificial Intelligence technology to make the customer and medical provider experience faster, more accurate, and more affordable.

Ezra’s new mammogram booking service is available at the company’s partner facilities in New York City. The company will be introducing the scan at its California locations in the upcoming weeks.

With the addition of the new plan, ezra members now have the ability to choose between the following services:

  • Full-body MRI that screens for potential cancer and disease in up to 13 organs
  • Low-dose CT for lung cancer screening
  • Low-dose CT for coronary artery calcium scoring
  • Mammogram for breast cancer screening
  • Prostate MRI without contrast for prostate cancer screening
  • Prostate MRI with IV contrast for investigating elevated PSA or urinary symptoms
Ezra has also recently introduced discounted multi-year plans. The company’s 5-year full-body screening plan offers 40% savings, and enables individuals to take control of their health through full-body cancer screening.

About ezra

Ezra is a New York-based healthcare technology company utilizing medical imaging and Artificial Intelligence to provide individuals with a full-body cancer screening service that is fast, accurate, and affordable.

By advocating for early cancer detection as part of annual health screenings, ezra is on a mission to create a new standard of preventative care, providing people with the necessary knowledge to make decisions about their health. The company’s cancer screening services are available in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

Editor’s note: As of 2022, the ezra mammogram isn’t available anymore.